Kids On Track is a community organization with a passion to offer hope, direction and support to children, youth and parents. We are purposeful in focusing on those families whose socioeconomic situations have made it difficult for them to access opportunities needed for optimal development of their young people. 



How To Find Us!

Street Address: 
15641 96 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB 
T5P 2R7
Office Phone: 780-481-2942
Office Fax: 780-481-2942  

  Linda Roussel                            Marlene Reed                         Kristy Chaisson  
  Executive Director   Administrative Assistant   Program Director  
  780-481-2942 Ext. 4   780-481-2942 Ext. 2   780-481-2942 Ext. 3  
  General Mailbox &     Shift Youth & LITES    Active Families  
   Book-A-Bus               Aaron Lea                                            Mallorie Linthorne  
   780-481-2942 Ext. 1   780-481-2942 Ext. 6    780-481-2942 ext. 7      
  HomeBuilders   Summer Program   Fund Development &
Volunteer Manager
  780-481-2942 Ext. 8   CURRENTLY CLOSED   Franc Grove  
      780-481-2942 ext. 8   780-481-2942 Ext. 5   
      Summer Youth Program      
      780-481-2942 ext. 6         



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