What is the LITE Program?

Leaders in Training Experience

The Leaders In Training Experience is a hands on, year-round program which offers training in a variety of areas. Youth in the program work on leadership skills and character development that, in turn, will enhance their personal development and future career opportunities. Training workshops, work experience, and team building activities are all part of the LITE program.


LITES must attend the LITE Fall Retreat and commit to 8 out of the 10 Family Connect events OR 8 out of the 10 Active Family events throughout the school year. You can come to all of them if you’d like, but 8/10 is the minimum requirement to stay a LITE. LITES choosing to be a part of the summer program must attend the LITE Summer Retreat and commit to working two weeks in the day camp program. Summer LITES are required to attend 4/6 Fridays in the summer.


LITES perform a variety of duties at our community events from food prep, to puppets and drama, to lesson leading and child minding. LITES expressing an interest and aptitude in a specific area have the opportunity to explore that position further, as well as learn new and different skill areas.

Who Can Join

The LITE Program is broken up into 3 tiers.

Those in or completed grade 6 may apply to join as a Jr. LITE – full experience, but minimal expectations and more focus on shadowing.

Those Grade 7-12 may apply to the general LITE program – full experience and expectations of the program.

Grades 10-12 can apply (minimum 1 year in the program) to become a FLITE (Focused Leader In Training) – Develop your leadership skills, take on special projects, career preparation and work experiences.

When to Apply

Applications for the LITE Program are open twice a year

April and May or September and October

Please contact us during these months to start your registration process!

The Cost

The LITE Program is an amazing program and is heavily subsidized. However there is a small fee required to be a part of the program, though further subsidies are available upon request and with proof of income.  


To register your youth for the LITE program for the first time there is a cost of $25, which is a non-refundable administration fee.


In order to work in the LITE summer Program, your youth must attend the Summer Training Week during the first week of July. This is a cost of $250 for 4 days of training, food, activities, and transportation to and from the camp. This covers the cost of being a LITE for the summer season.


In order to be a part of the LITE program during the school year (Sept-June), any new youth must attend the Fall Retreat, but it is not mandatory for those who attended the summer training week. The cost for registering for the fall season is $150 and covers the cost of the fall retreat, as well as being a LITE until the following summer.

The LITE Program may offer additional retreats throughout the year. Information on these retreats will be sent to the parents of the youth in the program. Though these are not mandatory, we encourage all LITES to participate and we work hard to keep the costs at a reasonable rate.


The training your youth get through the LITE program is helpful for future job relations, looks great on a resume, and prepares them for real life.

Here is a glimpse of the training your youth will receive as a LITE:

Tech Group:

Learn how to properly use a camera for filming and photography, as well as training on video editing, framing a shot, lighting and more!

Song Leading:

All LITES learn the basics on how to lead a song with a group of kids.  As well as learn the actions to all our favorites and more!

Behaviour Management:

How do you get kids to listen to you? How do you get them to do what you want them to do?

Life Skills:

How do I write a resume? What should I ask in an interview? How do I save my money? All these questions and more are covered during our life skills sessions, included throughout the year.


How do you lead a game so it is successful? We will teach how to lead games as well as give you a variety of easy, no equipment games to play anytime, anywhere.


A renowned leadership training program, our leaders will help your youth develop a number of important leadership qualities such as Ethics, Communication, Commitment, Responsibility, Servant-hood and more!

God Talks:

What does God have to say about things? Does He care? Does He help? Exploring these questions and more!

Abuse Awareness:

What to look for and how to respond

Policies and Procedures:

How to make sure you and your program is safe for the child and the worker

Emergency Procedures:

An overview of what to do in case of a variety of emergency situations including bus accident, missing child, medical incident, lockdown.


All interested youth must attend an Information Night (scheduled in the Spring and Fall), fill out an application form themselves and fill out a registration form.

If you feel the LITE program is right for your youth please contact our Youth Department at youth@kidsontrack.org or at our office at 587-404-8877