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KOT Youth is a year round program (with School Year and Summer programming) designed to offer youth in grades 6-12 a safe and fun environment to grow, be mentored and have fun with strong and equipped Christian leaders. We strive to make a welcoming place for youth of all backgrounds and do our best to make this a home for anyone regardless of background, beliefs or personal situation.

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    Merry Christmas everyone! We are STOKED for the new year and can't wait to see everyone again! I hope y'all get just the nicest of socks 😀 See you next year!

    Happy thanksgiving everyone! Hope you are all having an amazing day and that it will only get better! EAT ALL THE PIE! Then have extra pie, for me.

    #pielife #kidsontrackyeg #thanksgiving #chickenisbetterthanturkey

    Our summer day camps are up and running! Almost two weeks and we are already having an amazing time! Don't worry though, you can still sign up at https://kidsontrack.org today! See you there!

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