SHIFT Youth is a year round program (with School Year and Summer programming) designed to offer youth in grades 6-12 a safe and fun environment to grow, be mentored and have fun with strong and equipped Christian leaders. We strive to make a welcoming place for youth of all backgrounds and do our best to make this a home for anyone regardless of background, beliefs or personal situation.

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    Spring has sprung, so bring your green thumb and get ready to do some gardening. Sign up by emailing and don't forget to bring your $2.

    Are you a pro at getting all the mini turbos while drifting around the corners of Rainbow Road? I don't think that skill will help you out here, but you will have just as much fun as we re-imagine Mario Kart in an off the screen way. Sign up by emailing

    Friends! Summer registrations are still open and things are filling up! So, head over to and signup today! We got events planned that will shock and amaze!

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