January 2021

“The time is always right to do what is right.”

Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Kids On Track has continued to keep a close eye on the requirements for programming. Please see below for any program updates or changes:

Character Clubs:
We are running Zoom Character Clubs this winter! All clubs will operate virtually.

Family Connect:
January Family Connect is online!

Shift Youth
Blend of in-person and online!

Active Families
Running 2 Saturdays a month!

KOT Site launching soon, registration open NOW!

December was a busy month at KOT! We transitioned our annual Christmas Show into a drive-thru event, and distributed Christmas meal hampers to community members.

A Drive-Thru Christmas was a success! We transformed the parking lot into a Christmas experience, and set up a playlist of our favorite KOT Christmas tunes to play on a local radio station. Families turned on their car radios and took in a live puppet show while we distributed Christmas gifts. We gave out 91 gifts to local children this year! For a video recap of the event, click HERE. A special thanks to Santa’s Anonymous, Domino’s Pizza, Alastair Aikman, and anonymous donors for helping put this incredible event together!

We helped give back to our community by distributing Christmas meal hampers this year. We distributed 51 meal hampers, which helped feed about 300 Edmontonians. This project was so special for us and our team to be a part of! A special thanks to Jasper Place Wellness Centre, Boardwalk Rental Communities, CLAC, and anonymous donors for helping fund this special project.

Volunteering with Kids On Track isn’t just giving KOT support- it’s a community where you belong!

Check out some opportunities below

PAINTER: Our foyer is getting a facelift and we need a painter to help with painting walls and trim.

Contact Franc at 780-481-2942 or franc@kidsontrack.org

Between nasty weather and ever-changing health restrictions, our programs are the most flexible they have ever been. So how do you keep track of it all?

The KOT Website is a great place to start! Our most up-to-date information is on our calendar, and we update each event regularly. Connecting with our social media accounts is also a great way to stay current with Kids On Track programs and events. Currently Shift Youth and Active Families is operating as a blend of in-person and virtual events. Character Clubs have launched virtually. Family Connect will remain as a YouTube upload for now. The Winter Carnival and HomeBuilders program are currently postponed, but keep an eye out – we are hopeful we will be able to host these programs soon!

We are still committed to creating community in our area, and we are so excited that we still get to be a part of what’s happening in west Edmonton!

How we’re keeping you safe at in-person events:

  • Pre-registration is required
  • Masks are required for the duration of the event
  • Registrants will be split into groups of 10 and will only have contact with that group during the event. Groups will not mingle/mix.
  • Equipment will be sanitized before/after the event and will not be shared with other participants

“Thank you God for the sunrise, even though I can’t see it yet.”
My 7-year old uttered those words during our drive-to-school-prayer-time, still in the dark before the sun rose. He went on to thank God for the trees, his dog, his brother, and his toys. Sometimes he throws in thankful
prayers for various body parts as well. What can I say- he’s 7!

Thanking God for the sunrise that he couldn’t yet see stuck with me. He knew the sun would rise. He didn’t even question it. And, he was able to thank God for the sunrise though it hadn’t happened yet. It brought me up  short that he didn’t pray THAT the sun would rise, instead he thanked God FOR the sunrise. This has changed my perspective on a few things in my own life. I have begun to thank God for things that I haven’t seen  happen yet. It doesn’t change my circumstances, but it changes how I look at the circumstances. It changes my posture.

Have you ever considered your posture? My physiotherapist would like it if I considered my posture a lot more than I do! Putting my body into good posture is not easy or pleasant-it WANTS to slouch! My posture takes effort and concentration. It takes me being very cognizant of how I am sitting and standing. My bad posture brings pain, and my good posture brings…wait, it also brings pain. But, it’s the kind of pain of a muscle being  exercised and used that is used to being a complete slacker. It’s the kind of pain that reminds me that I am becoming stronger. We need to look at our posture with life as well. Are we thankful? Or are we looking at life and seeing every negative. Next time you find yourself counting all the ways your day has gone wrong, all the ways people have offended you, or all the ways things have not turned out the way you wish they did, give yourself a posture check. It may not change your circumstances, but it will change your outlook.

(Sent in from a KOT mom)

Mom: (opens up grocery bag and sees a tomato she doesn’t remember putting in there) Hey, did you put a tomato in my cart at the store?

Child: Yup!

Mom: Why?

Child: Well, it was on the floor and looked so lonely so I thought we’d better take it home

Do you have a great quote from your kids? Send it to kristy@kidsontrack.org

Zoom Clubs: Character Clubs are going virtual!

Here at KOT, we believe in Character Clubs, and we know how important they are to our community. We are so excited that we get to open up Character Clubs to the entire city of Edmonton by offering them online! This method of running clubs will help us reach so many children in our city, and will help keep our community safe while we do it.

Clubs will operate virtually over Zoom. Materials for clubs will be distributed prior to the start of clubs, and then children will be able to log on to the club virtually. A computer or device with a webcam and internet access will be needed to join the club. Zoom Clubs are made for children to be able to join without parental supervision, however, we recommend setting up the computer or device in a public area of the home.

Have a friend who would like to check out Clubs this winter? Send them our way, space is still available!

Sundays – 4pm – 5pm

Wednesdays – 6pm – 7pm

Thursdays – 1pm-2pm

Thursdays – 2:30pm-3:30pm

We can’t wait to see you there!

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