March 2021

“Sow today what you want to see tomorrow.”

Mark Batterson, Win The Day

Kids On Track has continued to keep a close eye on the requirements for programming. Please see below for any program updates or changes:

Character Clubs:
Zoom Clubs are the place to be…virtually!

Family Connect:
February Family Connect is online!

Shift Youth
Blend of in-person and online!

Active Families
Running 2 Saturdays a month!

Stay tuned for a fall session

At Kids On Track, we teach the kids that there is a difference between reacting and responding. Reacting is emotionally driven, in the moment, and often leaves individuals with hurt feelings and damaged relationships. Responding, however, allows one to address a situation, even an intensely serious one, with thoughtfulness, resiliency, and determination. That’s exactly what happened during the COVID-19 pandemic at Kids On Track.

March 2020 hit the world like a ton of bricks. We were facing a lockdown in society that this generation had never seen before. Businesses crumbled, programs shut down, and schools closed their doors. Though we were bombarded with things we COULDN’T do, we began to focus on what we COULD do. At KOT we call them “CANs and CANTs.” Though many of our programs were cancelled, community was not cancelled. Though we were limited in what we could do, hope was not limited. We knew that more than ever, our families needed to know they were not alone, and that Kids On Track was still creating community in new and creative ways.

The limitation in gatherings propelled our programs into the world wide web. We began to tape Family Fun Night, produce videos for youth to watch, and even created supportive videos for kids on how to deal with anxiety and fear. We stretched our vision and allowed for some very creative program adaptations. Active Families held a virtual smoothie making class, and ran online Zumba classes. Youth went outside…for EVERYTHING! We even did LITE training outside! Though these times brought along extra challenges and hurdles, we acknowledge and honor the perseverance and grit of our staff who re-did curriculum, memorized COVID screening sheets, and continued to make community connections with children, youth, and families.

As we move forward in this “new normal”, we have not lost sight of the vision that has been placed on our hearts to be a hub for community families. We continue to work within guidelines and health orders, and we have adopted a posture of innovation and resiliency. We continue to seek out opportunities to connect with kids, youth, and families, and we know, that at the end of the day, Kids On Track families will feel cared for and a part of a connected community.

CLICK HERE to view the entire Community Report for FY2020

Volunteering with Kids On Track isn’t just giving KOT support- it’s a community where you belong!

Check out some opportunities below

PAINTER: Our foyer is getting a facelift and we need a painter to help with painting walls and trim.

Contact Sarah at 780-481-2942 or

Yes We CAN!

Ever want to donate to KOT but the pocketbook says “Woah! slow down!” Well, here’s an easy way to give to KOT from the comfort of your own home with the easiest bottle drive you’ve ever done.

Save your bottles and Skip The Depot will pick them up from your home or office. KOT gets 100% of the return, and you get a tax receipt. It’s charitable giving made easy!

It’s touchless, safe, and a great way to give!

To register for a pick-up, click HERE

Use promo code KIDSONTRACK and label all bags with XR9X to ensure that all proceeds are credited to KOT.

Can I get real with you for a minute? I don’t have perfect kids. Shocking, right? It’s always amazing to me that as parents we feel we need to keep up some imaginary front where we depict the perfect life with the perfect house and the perfect kids. What a bunch of baloney!

I think it’s important to celebrate the wins when it comes to our kids. Pick a trusted friend and tell them, “Hey! My kid didn’t swear at the teacher this week! Score!” or “Hey, I only had to send her to her room 3 times this week instead of 5! Woohoo!”

My oldest son has a dramatic streak that will inevitably end him up in drama club one day. I once announced that I was too tired to make supper so we were going to McDonald’s for supper. I expected a whoop for joy, or a squeal of glee. Instead, he fell over suddenly and rolled his eyes into the back of his head. I had a small start of panic then asked what he was doing. “I’m so excited I died,” he replied. Yeah, I have that kid.

I want to celebrate a “Mom Win” with you that happened recently with this dramatic kid of mine. When I heard him scream a few nights ago, I braced for the worst while really understanding that it could have been anything from finding his lost toy to accidentally sawing his own arm off or anything in between. When I got to his room, I saw that he had burned his arm by accidentally brushing it past the very hot lightbulb on his lamp. I rushed him to the washroom to begin putting the burn under cold water. Then I heard him mumbling something, prompted by my hubby. “I’m ok. *deep breath* I’m not going to die. *deep breath* I’m not going to lose my arm. *deep breath* My burn will heal. *deep breath*” We have spent so many years teaching him how to work through his “big scary feelings”, and I don’t always see the fruit from it. But in that moment, I did. It made all that practicing worth it. He had calmed himself down using some positive self-talk and deep breathing that we have been practicing for YEARS! I nearly cried.

Parents, sometimes you practice something for YEARS before you see it really land with your kids. Don’t give up! Celebrate the little things along the way. Parenting is a marathon, and you’re doing a great job.

A Canadian Child’s Logic

Child: (Sees picture of tropical beach) I want to go there!

Mom: Yes, that would be nice.

Child: Let’s go tomorrow!

Mom: But it’s very far away.

Child: We can just drive there.

Mom: Nope, it’s too far. We would have to fly, and that’s expensive.

Child: I’ll just take a canoe.

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KOT Summer Plans

Kids On Track Summer Program has a long history in the West Edmonton area of providing low cost and free programming to kids and youth. The summer programs are a pillar of the West Edmonton community, allowing hundreds of children and youth access to incredible summer recreation experiences.

The phrase “COVID permitting” is no one’s favorite phrase to hear, and unfortunately, we will have to preface our plans with just that. However, we are looking forward with hope and optimism that we will be able to run our recreation programs for Summer 2021!

What are we planning?

COVID permitting…

  • July and August, 7 weeks
  • 4 days a week, a morning slot and an afternoon slot
  • $10/day
  • July and August, 7 weeks
  • 4 days a week, full day program (9:30 am – 4:00 pm)
  • $50/week
  • Weekend family events in July and August

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