11 Week Divorce, Separation, and Bereavement Support

The Details:

When children and parents are trying to make sense of what has happened in their homes as a result of divorce, separation, or death in the family, HomeBuilders can help.

HomeBuilders is a free program that takes place over the course of 11 weeks. We provide a fall session that starts in September, and a winter session that starts in February. Location and dates are provided upon registration.

For Kids:

These classes help kids work through their anger and emotional pain, and provides strategies to help them cope with their new family situation.

Each week, the kids have interactive lessons guided by their teachers. These lessons are designed to help them process everything they are feeling regarding what has happened in their families.

For Parents:

HomeBuilders classes provide resources and support for parents as well as their children. Parents learn how to respond supportively towards their children throughout their period of difficult adjustments.

HomeBuilders programs are currently finished for spring 2023.

Our programs run during the fall and the winter, and we’ve finished programming for now! Applications for future HomeBuilders programs will be announced once registration opens up again, so stay tuned for more information!