For Kids

When children and parents are trying to make sense of what has happened in their home as a result of divorce, separation, or death in the family, HomeBuilders can help. These classes help kids work through the anger and emotional pain and provides strategies to help them cope with their new family situation. 

For Parents

Parents learn how to respond supportively towards their children in the period of adjustment.

The Details

HomeBuilders is a program that takes place over a number of weeks. It features small support classes with trained facilitators. Each week, the kids have interactive lessons with their teacher to help them process and talk about what they are feeling in regards to what has happened in their family.

Location and dates provided upon registration.

Winter Session: 11 week program starting February 7, 2023
Ends April 25, 2023 (no classes during Spring Break)

This is a free program!

To register for HomeBuilders, you will need to register through our online application, which can be found here.