Kids On Track knows the value of celebrating events as a family!

We also know that it can be expensive
So, every year Kids On Track hosts a variety of Family Celebrations at significant times of the year.

These events are for the whole community to enjoy- take a peek!

Coming Again October 2023

Really excited to see you all out again! Click here for more information.

Coming Again December 2023

One of our best! Take a peek at our newest show, "Carol and the Belles!"

Coming Again in 2023

Have a look at how we were able to celebrate moms this year.

Coming Again in 2023

We are so happy we were able to partner with Belmead Community League and have such an amazing time!

Coming Again 2024

Incredible turn out, incredible people, and incredible snow cones! Take a look at what this years winter carnival was all about.

Coming Again in 2023

It was AMAZING! Check out some of the highlights from our first ever Trunk or Treat.