Active Families

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We are EXPANDING for the summer

We will be hosting 4 Active Families activities a week, as well as two Saturday activities a month for July and August.

Each activity will only be $5/family! What a deal! We will work with any financial situation- just talk to us!

You can register for an activity up to the Wednesday of the prior week. For example, if you wish to attend July 13, you must register by 5:00 pm July 8. You cannot reserve a spot on an activity without the $5 payment. All registration money is non-refundable, but is transferable to another date.

Morning program times are from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm and afternoon program times are from 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm. Saturday times may vary.

Week 1

June 13 AM- Nature Extravaganza
June 13 PM- Nature Extravaganza
June 27 AM- Container Gardening
June 27 PM- Container Gardening
June 29 PM- Bike Day
June 30 AM- Craft Day
July 2 AM- Nature Day

Week 4

July 20 PM- Craft Day
July 21 AM- Bike Day
July 22 PM- Nature Day
July 23 AM- Active Games

Week 7

August 10 PM- Bike Day
August 11 AM- Active Games
August 12 PM- Craft Day
August 13 AM- Nature Day

Week 2

July 6 PM- Bike Day
July 7 AM- Craft Day
July 8 PM- Active Games
July 9 AM- Nature Day

Week 5

July 27 PM- Active Games
July 28 AM- Nature Day
July 29 PM- Bike Day
July 30 AM- Bike Day

Week 8

August 17 PM- Bike Day
August 18 AM- Active Games
August 19 PM- Craft Day
August 20 AM- Nature Day

Week 3

July 13 PM- Craft Day
July 14 AM- Bike Day
July 15 PM- Nature Day
July 16 AM- Active Games

Week 6

August 3 PM- Active Games
August 4 AM- Nature Day
August 5 PM- Bike Day
August 6 AM- Craft Day

Week 9

August 24 PM- Bike Day
August 25 AM- Active Games
August 26 PM- Craft Day
August 27 AM- Nature Day


Active Families is a chance for families to be active together and participate in small events where Kids On Track takes care of the planning!


Families who want to spend time together doing activities!

The activities are designed for families with children in elementary school.


Events happen at different locations – check out each individual event for details- we will be updating each event as we have information. 


Please download and fill out our Active Families Registration form and Active Families Payment Form (below) and return to – you only need to do this one time a year! The form is new as of June 2020, so all families need to fill out the new form before any of our June programs. If you would like to add dates after you have submitted your payment form, simply download and fill in a new payment form and proceed to pay for the new programs for which you registered. 


Then please pay according to the instructions on the Payment Form.


***All families must be registered prior to attending any program ***


You must fill in a registration form the first time you attend an active family event. Our forms have changed – please make sure you fill in a new form for Summer 2020.  Please make sure you DOWNLOAD the forms to your desktop and then fill them in and send the saved and signed forms to