Kids On Track’s 30th year was a season of significant transition not only in the staff, board, and programming but in our office space. Although we will be forever grateful for the use of space at People’s Church for the past 30 years, it was time to have a space we could call our own. Our move reminds me of the biblical account of Isaac — who was trying to become established in the land he was promised. He finally found a place where he could have provision and a place of good will. In a time of famine he dug a well, found water and called it ‘Rehoboth’, which meant wide open spaces. Indeed, when Kids On Track moved into the new offices everyone echoed Isaac’s sentiment, “. . . the Lord has made room for us and we shall thrive.” (Genesis 26:22, Living Bible).

Linda Roussel, President

What a year we had as an organization! When I reflect on 2021 we have undoubtedly seen more change and resilience in the organization than ever before. In 2021, we witnessed the evidence of God’s direction and provision for Kids On Track – it truly is an exciting time!

This year saw the retirement of our beloved Executive Director and founder, Linda Roussel. We want to thank Linda for her dedicated commitment, passion, and for her nearly 30 years of service to Kids On Track. We are grateful to have her join the Board as President of Kids On Track and still have her vision, direction, and presence in the organization. Nothing but a bright future lies ahead.

When reflecting on our 2020 year, the first thing that springs to mind is staying connected! I am reminded of the saying, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain,” by Vivian Greene. In 28 years of KOT, we have never had to dance in the rain as we did this year.

We quickly realized that the storm of COVID-19 was not about to pass quickly. A choice was made that instead of hunkering down and waiting for the storm to pass, Kids On Track would do whatever we could, in whatever creative ways possible, to stay connected and engaged with kids, youth, and families.