Character Club Leader’s Job Description

Club Leader Overview

  • Provide leadership for a weekly after school club for elementary aged children
  • Implement Christian faith-based character lessons and activities planned by the Program Coordinator
  • Liaison with the school staff and families
  • Provide positive mentorship to the children in the club
  • Attend mandatory training and planning meetings
  • Maintain contact with the children and families

As Character Clubs provide the opportunity for mentorship, Christian Education and worship experiences, it is necessary for club leaders to be a professing and practicing Christian adhering to a Christian lifestyle and subscribing to the Statement of Faith and the Statement of Values and Beliefs of Kids On Track Association of Edmonton. Club leaders will work alongside existing volunteers and with new volunteers in leading the character clubs at existing and new school sites. The Club Leaders report directly to the Club Coordinator.  The positions require individuals who have a good understanding of child development and have experience leading children’s groups and activities. They must be able to work in a team setting and have the capacity to create a warm and welcoming environment for children.

The scope of responsibilities includes:

Club Leadership

The Club Leader will implement the club lessons and activities that have been prepared by the Club Coordinator. They will contribute to development of internal and external developmental assets through offering affirmation, recognition, emotional support, and a welcoming and safe environment. Through positive modelling they will demonstrate constructive conflict resolution, respectful interpersonal communication and an optimistic outlook.  Learning activities shall be implemented that are age appropriate, utilize experiential learning techniques, linked to practical life applications, and build social competencies. A variety of learning activities including, music, drama, art, games, storytelling and sharing times shall be incorporated.

The values of caring, equality and social justice, integrity, honesty, responsibility, service and healthy lifestyle choices will be supported in the club lessons. The opportunity for children to explore and express Christian values and beliefs in a non-denominational child friendly setting will be provided. The club leader will lead in prayer, worship and praise, presentation of bible scriptures and instruction in the life applications of the scriptures. The leader is required to reveal the Christian message through all aspects of their behavior both within and without the Club and to do all they can to help club participants adopt a Christian way of life. 

Materials and club lesson outlines shall be obtained from the Club Coordinator in advance of each club and the lesson reviewed. The Club Leader will contact the volunteers for their club prior to the club and review with them what each volunteer will be doing.

The Club Leader will ensure that all school and Kids On Track protocols are followed which may include: signing each volunteer in at the general office, taking attendance of the children, following safe dismissal procedures, setting up the room for the club activities, cleaning the area used, and returning supplies to a designated area in the school or bringing them back to the organization’s storage area.

Volunteer Mentoring

The Club Leader shall assist in the mentoring of the volunteers by providing individual evaluative feedback. They will lead a group debrief for the volunteers following each club and identify what was done well and ways to improve. Notes will be made regarding any concerns that require follow up with parents or school staff. These concerns will be discussed with the Club Coordinator and a plan of action agreed upon.

School Community and Parents

The Club Leader will provide information to the parents regarding any upcoming events or special days. As needed the leader will speak with each parent to provide both club information and to create an opportunity for parents to communicate any concerns they have regarding their child. Periodically Club Leaders will speak with parents and school staff to gain evaluative feedback concerning the progress of each child.

The Club Leader will communicate with school principals and administrative staff on a ongoing basis to ensure that there are no schedule or facility changes that they should be aware of. They will check with the Administrative Assistant on a regular basis to see if there are new registrations for the club, if any children have moved or if there are changes in their contact information.

Administrative Support

The Club Leader will pick up from the Kids On Track office all supplies needed for that club.. This includes: attendance sheets, registration forms, musical equipment, lesson plans, activity supplies, and snacks. They are responsible to distribute any printed materials for the schools to give to the parents.


Clubs are offered during 1.5 after school times or early dismissal times. These times are variable depending on each schools schedule. Locations are predominantly in the West End of Edmonton, however we are willing to offer the Character Clubs at any school provided we have the staff and volunteer support.


There are volunteer and paid positions available. The volunteer positions have the opportunity to receive a $1000 bursary upon the completion of the posting. Paid staff receive $13.50 - $14.00/hour.