Donations & Giving

As a charity, we could not operate without your generous support and the help of other individuals and businesses in the community who believe in what we do! By donating today, you can make the difference in the life of a child!

Our Character Strong Campaign is on now!

Since 2005, Kids On Track has run Character Clubs in public and catholic elementary schools in Edmonton neighborhoods that have a high concentration of disadvantaged children.  We currently host after school clubs in schools serving 14 high needs neighborhoods.  More than 300 children attend our clubs on a weekly basis.


Character Clubs provide a nurturing environment where children can go after school.  They are packed with all the components needed for healthy child development including mentoring support, nutritious snacks, active recreational games and an engaging/interactive learning environment that focuses on character development themes.  Participating kids experience acceptance, friendship and active support to help them to navigate their life challenges and have hope for the future.


Our cost for each child to participate in a Character Club is only $300 each year which includes staffing, program/activity supplies, equipment and nutritious snacks.

Our Needs

Kids On Track is always in need of new supplies and equipment. Here are some items that are on our “wishlist”. If you’re able to donate any of these things, please contact us!



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