Frequently Asked Questions!

What is Kids On Track?

Kids On Track is a registered charity that provides opportunities for all children. We are a Christian based group and receive our support from several churches, private donors, foundations, government grants and fundraising activities. We exist to provide opportunities for all children to grow in their faith, have recreational activities, and develop positive relationships with others. We also seek to support parents in any way we can.

Who Can Come?

Every child is welcome at the Kids On Track regardless of their background. We are non-denominational and the instruction that is provided helps children develop Christian morals and values and a personal relationship with God. You do not need to attend a church to attend Kids On Track. No child is ever turned away! During Kids On Track programming times Christian educational and experiential practices such as Bible stories, scripture verses, Christian songs, puppets and discussion will be integrated in a child friendly, non-coercive manner. Children from any faith background are welcome to attend, however Christian beliefs will be presented.

How Old Do the Kids Have To Be?

Our Family Fun Nights are geared towards the whole family- there is Parent's Cafe, Clubhouse (grades 1-6) Jr. Clubhouse (Preschool & Kindergarten) and Tots Clubhouse (0-3). All school clubs are for kids grades 1-6. Friday Night Youth (SHIFT) is for grades 6-12. Our LITE program is for grades 7-10. Other programs vary in age group- you may contact us to clarify any other program.

Where Are Kids On Track Programs Held?

Offices – People’s Church – 15641-96 Ave.
School Character Clubs - selected neighborhood schools
Monthly Saturday Family Fun Nights - People’s Church - 15641-96 Ave.
Friday Night Shift Youth - Meet at the People's Church- 15641- 96 Ave. 
Special Family Events – various West Edmonton locations
Rainbows Classes - People’s Church - 15641-96 Ave. 

Free busing is provided from key West Edmonton neighborhoods to the Family Fun Night.

How much does it cost?

We do not charge anything for a child to attend the Family Fun Nights, Family Celebrations or Character Clubs. However, we welcome whatever contributions you are able to make. The busing for Family Fun Nights and Family Celebration days costs us $2.00/child. Our Friday Night Shift_Youth program asks for $2/night to help cover costs. All our summer programs are low-cost and we try to work with every financial situtation. Rainbows has a minimal cost to cover the price of the class materials.

There are fundraising opportunities throughout the year to help offset the cost of the programs. We encourage all kids and parents to participate. Together, we can keep Kids On Track accessible to everyone!

Can my child bring a friend?

YES! However, please click here to download a registration form and have the child’s parent or guardian fill out the form before the child attends.

Can a parent come too?

Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the monthly Family Fun Nights with their child and we have the Parent's Cafe while the kids are in Clubhouse. Some of our programs like Rainbows have parent groups that meet separately from the kids but at the same time.

What if my child has special needs?

Kids On Track welcomes all children, even those with special needs. Our staff are trained in behavior management techniques and will do their best to integrate any child in to the program. However, if your child requires one on one supervision or physical care we will require a parent or aid to stay with the child.

How do I register my child?

We encourage you to come into the office to register your child in person. If this isn’t possible you can click here to download a registration form, complete it and send it with your child the first time. Registration forms are also available at the school club sites or Family Fun Night site. No child is permitted to come without a registration form.

How do I know my child is safe?

All Kids On Track staff and volunteers are screened with a police records check, a child welfare check, reference checks and an interview. All volunteers and staff undergo training before working with the children. No child is permitted to leave a different way than they came (for example on a different bus, or picked up by an individual) without the expressed written consent of a parent or guardian. No child is ever alone with a staff or volunteer.

What about bullying at KOT?

Kids On Track has a no tolerance policy for bullying. Any child caught bullying other children will be removed from the program that day; expectations will be discussed with the parent and child before they can return to the program. If the bullying behavior does not stop, the bully will be suspended from the program. Any child who experiences bullying at KOT is encouraged to immediately inform a leader.