What are people saying about Kids On Track?

Parent Appreciation:

 “Being a single parent, I cannot begin to express how appreciative I am for having the program in our lives. My boy was once disruptive and discouraged. Because of Kids On Track, I now have a young man who is confident, self-assured, and an asset to himself and his community.” Marie —parent

 “Thank you all so much for your fantastic program. It has been so important for Brittany and has helped her grow up and develop some incredible morals.”


 Kids Say It Like It Is:

 “I’ve learned that your feelings just are, you have to let anger out in positive ways, life has its sticky situations and has its good things too. Sometimes you need to talk. Your life can get tangled up, if you don’t forgive. Sometimes you need to accept things the way they are.”

Terra—Rainbows participant—age 13.

 “I like going to Kids On Track because you let us know things we didn’t know about God. The most important thing I like of all is when you help kids that have problems at home or when somebody is sick in the family. And I like when you tell us to not to smoke or to do drugs, that is when you tell us to have a good future. I like singing, dancing, and playing games and I like when the helpers are nice, funny, kind and I like all the activities.”

Susan—age 8

 “Kids On Track is a great place for little and big kids to go. I don’t think any kid would want to skip it.”

Amanda—age 10

 “Kids On Track helps kids who need to talk to someone.” 

Kailee—age 11

 “Rainbows helped me to not be in fights anymore.”

Justin—age 11

 “I’ve been with Kids On Track since I was 4 years old. The program has played a huge part in my life. As a kid attending the program I always felt welcome and accepted. As the child of an immigrant family this was huge. Kids On Track is a fun, safe place for all kids. For the past 2 summers I have been on summer staff. This was an awesome experience and helped me develop as a leader. I am graduating high school this year (2009) and plan to pursue post- secondary education. Kids On Track will always have a place in my heart. It helped me become the person that I am today.”

Allisha—age 18 

 Police Recognition

“I strongly endorse this program as a valuable and necessary program. The youth I encounter are often from low income and otherwise disadvantaged homes. The ability for me to be able to encourage these youth to participate in a planned supervised activity is extremely important. Kids On Track has opened their doors to help these kids and by doing so are helping to build a safer strong community.”

Constable Rick Cole—Edmonton Police Service (former)

 School Acclamations

“At Brightview School we truly recognize and appreciate the importance of having “Kids On Track” as part of our school community. The program supports our work to teach students to be the best they can be.”

Tony Kernaghan—Brightview Elementary School Principal (Former)

 “Kids on Track has a professional, dynamic and caring staff who reach students with relevant, fun and timely messages that support responsible citizenship and strong moral character.”

David Jackson—Queen Alexandra School Principal (Former)

 Other Community Service Providers

“We support this organization because they share in our mandate to provide opportunities for children from disadvantaged and at-risk homes. Their work with children has been commendable. The staff and volunteers are people of integrity, purpose and vision. “

Bruce Reith—Executive Director of Hope Mission

 “It is my pleasure to recommend Kids On Track Association of Edmonton as an outstanding organization that provides recreational programs for at-risk youth in Edmonton. I have the highest regard for how Kids On Track conducts their activities.”

Karina Ma—Program Manger, River Valley Programs, City of Edmonton

 Community Officials On Board

“This is a worthy community association and their service benefits both the community as a whole and children and youth who are most at-risk.”

Karen Leibovici—Councillor, Ward 5 (Former)

 “Our city is fortunate to have people willing to work on the front lines of organizations like Kids On Track. It is through their devotion and compassion that some children will have the opportunity for a brighter future.”

Linda Sloan—Councillor, Ward 1 (Former)

 “On behalf of the people of Edmonton-Meadowlark, I am pleased to express our support for the Kids On Track Association of Edmonton, which provides hope and opportunity to those who need it the most.  Their efforts are vital to ensure that our children believe in themselves and live life to the fullest in safe and healthy communities.”

Dr. Raj Sherman, MLA Edmonton-Meadowlark (Former)